Filter jobs by interview type


A huge number of software developers believe that the interview process for developers is broken. Some interviews suit certain people while to others it frustrates them to the point that they don’t even want to continue the hiring process. We believe that this isn’t good for the company looking to hire a candidate or the candidate themselves. While there’s no silver bullet for this problem, we certainly think that things can be better – much better in fact.

This is why was created. Imagine you could filter jobs by the interview type – now you can! Do you hate whiteboard interviews – fine, you’ll never have to write pseudo code ever again in front of a bunch of other developers. Maybe you prefer to do take home tests so to show your full potential so that you don’t feel under as much pressure and can use your own IDE etc. Or maybe you even refuse to do interviews unless you’re compensated for your time by doing paid interviews?

Here on Software Jobs, we have a wide range of filters to help you find your dream job, including the ones mentioned above. If you’d like to see more filters on here feel free to contact us and we’ll look in to adding it to the site. At some point in the future we may also add more options to filter jobs out by such as whether the office is open-plan, whether the company allows remote working and so on – but for now we’re focusing on connecting great companies to great developers by improving the hiring process.