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What are the benefits for companies?

If you’ve ever tried to hire a developer before, you’ll more than likely know how much of a time consuming (and therefore expensive) process that it can be. Reviewing lots of resumes, phone interviews, reviewing the code that the candidate produced, face to face interviews and so on is no easy task. Some developers simply prefer certain types of interviews and believe that they can only show their full potential if they are judged on that type of interview.

Imagine spending time calling a potential hire and then after a 1 hour phone call realizing that the developer absolutely hates white board interviews. The developer will either: 1) Say that they are no longer interested in going further in the process. 2) Go further in the process and more than likely not show their full potential which therefore wastes even more of your companies time. helps you connect to developers that prefer your type of interview process, which will save your company both time and money.

Feel free to checkout out this page too for even more reasons why companies post jobs on here.

What are the benefits for developers / candidates?

A lot of developers believe that the interview process is pretty broken. It’s extremely difficult to judge how good a developer is, and unfortunately a lot of the time it can depend on luck depending on what type of questions you’re asked. However, one thing is for certain – different interview types suit different developers. Some developers would prefer to do an online test where you’re timed in order to not spend too long on the challenge, while others would much rather to do a take home test that doesn’t have a time limit set so that they don’t feel under immense pressure and can make sure that their code is clean etc. before submitting it to be reviewed.

It’s not just time consuming for the company hiring, it can also be extremely time consuming for developers to find a new job – so you might as well apply for jobs that have an interview style that allows you to show your full potential to make sure you can impress them and get the salary that you deserve.

Why can’t I see the job that I submitted?

When you submit a job, it doesn’t go live on the site instantly. We’ll first review it to make sure everything is okay – but your job will definitely be live on the site within 24 hours. If it’s not, we’ll give you a full refund and still post your job on the site.

How long do my jobs stay on the site for?

Your job listings stays on the site for 60 days. If a job gets filled before this time frame, you can edit the job listing if you wish and update it to be another job.

What are featured jobs?

There are two types of job listings:

  1. Job Listing – 60 days
  2. Job Listing – 60 days (Featured Job)

The featured job costs $20 more and will highlight your job to make sure it stands out. Here’s an example of a normal job listing and a featured job listing.

featued job

What payment methods are accepted?

All payments are handled through Stripe at the moment.

How do I register / login as an employer?

To register as an employer for the first time, you can do it through the post a job process. If you already have an account as an employer, you can log in here to manage your job listings, view receipts and so on.

How do I register / login as a developer?

You do not need to create an account if you’re a developer looking for a new job on our site. All the job listings on our site either link to another website to apply for the role or supply you with an email address to contact.